Home Sweet Home

Over a month since our last match, the Eclipse found themselves elated to once again take to the field in the game we all love. Convening with the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter, the Eclipse prepared Ford Field for the first time the season in hopes of being gracious hosts. Once again the fielding of the horsehide in the early innings for the home club set the tone for another well played match. The Eclipse tallied the first two runs in the first inning aided in large part to a triple by TinMan, who continues to show reckless behavior towards well-hurled pitches. TinMan followed up his first plate appearance with 5 more consecutive safe passages to first base while tallying three runs and assisting in two others. It was during the second frame of the match that resulted in the Eclipse bats producing tally after tally. Used to signify that a runner had safely traversed the diamond and returned home, the Eclipse bell echoed throughout the lush green field ten times in that inning. After TinMan, offensive production from the Eclipse once again came from Jaundice who collected 5 hits, 3 aces and 2 runs batted in. Bender, who also scored 3 times, teamed up with Frisco and Rev to assist in 3 runs apiece en route to totaling 21 tallies to Dexter’s 6. However as impressive as the Eclipse were while swinging the willow, it was their ability to field that drew most of the attention. Holding their opponent for the third straight match to six aces, the Eclipse proved that enjoyment can be found while retrieving the apple, whether hit hard or not. Jaundice demonstrated his ability as an artist in the second inning with a pluck of a falling ball off the bat of Legs to right and Rev followed that with his own feat at third on a stinger from Stats in the sixth inning that required a finger adjustment. However this match’s defensive highlight came as a result of the hustle and arm of Chip in the garden. Playing midfielder in the eighth inning and reacting quickly to another hard strike from Swede to the gap in deep right center, the sensational young ballist legged it to retrieve the two run-scoring hit and proceeded to throw a strike to Bender at second base and retire the advancing runner and the inning. Huzzah, Chip!
The Eclipse once again travel east into Canada this time for a match against the Woodstock Actives. It would be nice if the weather would cooperate since an earlier meeting this season had to be cancelled due to inclement weather.