Heat Stroke

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Amid the powder blue sky and low white clouds, a friendly game of base ball transpired on the Ford Field grass in Northville, Michigan.  Our friends from Chelsea traveled east and settled in for what seems to be a ritual meeting of blue collar base ball.  Runs are always at a premium between these two clubs and today was no exception.  The Monitors won the toss and chose to field first behind the capable pitching of Crusher.  What seems impossible, proved feasible for the hurler as he baffled, befuddled, frustrated and quieted the normally prolific Northville bats.

On the field, both teams showed quick hands and correct defensive placement to thwart any possible initial scoring.  Scoreless after three innings, the Eclipse were able to tally the first and their only run on a lead off single by Frisco.  With one hand retired, Mac moved him over to third with his second hit of the game.  TinMan stepped up to the plate and although things looked ominous for the Monitors, Moonlight calmed their fears with a brilliant grab in right center.  Maybe the ball grew weary in the heat as it traveled that distance, but in any case what seemed like a two-run extra base hit resulted in one run for the Eclipse and two hands retired.  After a Jaundice grounder, the side was retired.  Inspired by his teammate’s play, Pistol released a one-hand shot into deep left field and quickly covered 270 feet.  Two strikers later, Quickstep evened the scoring at one tally apiece with a perfectly placed hit over TinMan’s outstretched arms at third.  Realization was beginning to settle in that this was going to be a competitive match again.  Three and a half more innings passed without the successful navigation of another striker across all four bases, until the Monitors’ E Rev, while standing at third base with two outs capitalized on an errant pick off attempt.  Such are the moments that decide close games and the Eclipse fell behind for the first time that afternoon.  It was all the Chelsea club would need as Crusher continued to hurl hittable ball after unhittable result.  The base ball gods alone may have refused a sacrificial lamb if sent to them as his offerings were downright impious.  The Northville club managed to collect five hits while the Chelsea club struck ten.  The Eclipse were led by Mac who recorded three hits, including a double while the Monitors were led by Quickstep and Honest Jon who registered three hits and two hits respectively.  On the defensive side of note for the Monitors, eight of the thirteen bound outs were fielded by Moonlight in center and various parts of Wayne county.

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