It takes a Village …

The club from Northville gathered together and loaded their few private belongings inside covered wagons and made their annual summer trek across the dry, hot plains of lower Michigan into the picturesque settlement of Dearborn.  After a ceremonious welcome from the local

Showing Independence

A few months into their season, the Eclipse have started to develop an identity as a young, aggressive fun-spirited group of ballists that seem to thrive on friendly banter amongst themselves because of their camaraderie that they’ve built in the past few


Spring gradually turns into summer and quickly heads for fall.  A new season brings hope while the end of it brings heartache.  Such is the seemingly short period that a ballist feels while playing a game they love.  The Eclipse Base Ball Club

Shaping the Eclipse

Bender.  A staple in the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Northville since 2006, this fine gentlemen is retiring to enjoy life outside the diamond.  The consummate teammate and working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the Eclipse meets the demand of scheduling


It is with great sadness that we pass on the news of the passing of a former member of the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Northville.  Jim “Curly” Trick played five seasons for the Eclipse from 2008 through 2012 and always brought

Just Kidding

After walking through town meeting and greeting the many cranks that would attend and support them on the grassy field, the clubs from Royal Oak and Northville met once again at Ford Field on the day we celebrate this great country’s independence.

Father knows best

The Eclipse continued the young 2018 season much like they started it a few weeks back with aggressive striking and competent fielding.  A somewhat overbearing heat stretched across the green diamond and quickly tested the stamina of the ballists on both sides.