The Finale

On Sunday, September 20, just as was the setting when the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Northville first started the 2015 season back in May, we were blessed with blue skies, green grass and a golden sun.  The finale at Ford Field

State of the Union

A picturesque day greeted the Northville club as they ventured into the holy grounds in Dexter.  The Union Base Ball Club of Dexter seemed poised to even the series from a match earlier in the year.  Beneficiaries of the coin toss, the Eclipse elected to

Slumbering Eclipse

A standard humid August day greeted the visiting nine from Historic Fort Wayne on the grounds of Ford Field. Led by their captain, Snurek, the Early Risers returned to Northville after a small hiatus and showcased their young talent for the game

Buzzing Along

A week after their bats were stymied for a season-low 5 hits, the Northville squad came out of their hive intent on stinging the horsehide.  The result was 45 hits in their first encounter with the second year club out of Richmond, Michigan. 

Heat Stroke

Amid the powder blue sky and low white clouds, a friendly game of base ball transpired on the Ford Field grass in Northville, Michigan.  Our friends from Chelsea traveled east and settled in for what seems to be a ritual meeting of blue

London Calling

A clash between the Tecumsehs and the Eclipse almost didn’t come to fruition because of the threat of another ominous rainout as the weekend began.  However, clear skies descended upon the patch of grass located on the northwest side of Griswold and East

Celebrating a 4th Win

      Ford Field in Northville was once again the idyllic setting for a historical base ball match.  The day began with a casual stroll along the sun-kissed streets of downtown Northville lined with thousands of enthusiasts celebrating the independence of

Home Sweet Home

Over a month since our last match, the Eclipse found themselves elated to once again take to the field in the game we all love. Convening with the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter, the Eclipse prepared Ford Field for the first