Buzzing Along

Richmond 080215-2
Richmond’s Slugger … Pee Wee
Richmond 080215-3
Doc, Cuppa & Crusher swarm after a Bee hit

A week after their bats were stymied for a season-low 5 hits, the Northville squad came out of their hive intent on stinging the horsehide.  The result was 45 hits in their first encounter with the second year club out of Richmond, Michigan.  The Eclipse trekked northeast and found themselves in a quick hole after the Bees introduced them to their home and all its perks.  They swarmed to a six run first inning led by one out doubles from Boo, Pee Wee and Catfish.  Having given much exercise in the pursuit of the sphere, the Eclipse gathered themselves before their attempt at striking and took notice of the wise words from their captain, Stitch.  Aided by sometimes erratic offerings from the hurler, Northville strikers stayed patient in their stance and chose wisely in their mighty swings.  After a fielder’s choice from Mac scored Frisco and a walk to TinMan that is nearly as rare as an actual Solar Eclipse, the bats of Northville laid claim to eight consecutive hits resulting in ten runs.  A quick retirement of the Richmond strikers in the following inning gave proper rest to the Eclipse fielders and in turn they continued with their solid connection of leather and wood finding open placement among the terrain.  Eleven more aces were tallied and soon the Eclipse would give more attention to proper fielding in the grass, dirt, crevices and slope of the land all while serving notice to the wind.  This is precisely what resulted as nary a Bee runner was successful crossing the plate as they had shown in the first frame.  Five consecutive innings of unrewarding striking for the Bees finally gave worthwhile results when Daisy Cutter and Moose plated runners with singles.

Not to be overlooked by their impressive outburst with the bats, the Eclipse continued to demonstrate their one true principle … fielding.  The return of Bender at short stop and Rev at third provided stability among the other fielders in the ball field.  Many a challenge was presented to the left side of the diamond only to be fielded cleanly and bring great despair upon the striker.  Such an example of lost hope occurred in the eighth inning when Big Mac of the Richmond club delivered a red hot ball that Bender, being the corker that he is, aggressively handled and returned the ball towards first with as much force that the wind was unable to slow it down to Louie’s dismay.  The sound of the leather ball being abruptly stopped in its flight to first base by Louie’s hands can be reenacted by listening to the sound of a crop meeting the side of a horse.  Astonishing play was not only limited to the infield.  Chip demonstrated her speed and arm once again in the final inning when a high flier off the bat of Boo sailed over the head of a tumbling Frisco.  Chip retrieved the ball near the trees and proceeded to launch a perfect strike to Bender who relayed the throw to home where Boo was headed but had yet to arrive.

The Richmond club was led offensively by Pee Wee and Catfish who collected three hits apiece.  Catfish also assisted in two runners reaching home safely as well as Daisy Cutter.  For the Northville club, eight players accounted for four hits or more apiece, of which Rev and Louie had five and Bender led the way with six.  Louie also assisted in four runs as did Mac and TinMan.

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Jaundice looking for space

Richmond 080215-1Richmond Team Photo

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
Richmond 6 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 8
Northville 10 11 2 2 7 2 0 0 0 34