Father knows best

The Eclipse continued the young 2018 season much like they started it a few weeks back with aggressive striking and competent fielding.  A somewhat overbearing heat stretched across the green diamond and quickly tested the stamina of the ballists on both sides.  Today’s match featured the gentlemen from Chelsea, who set the blue and gold standard in play and demeanor.

A scoreless two early frames gave way to a lone run in the third inning when Jaundice advanced on a muff by the behind.  Normally runs like this are at a premium against the Monitors, but today’s match saw a new direction for the Eclipse.  Accompanying this year’s group are Kid and Moonlight, who have added a refreshing twist to the roster with speed, tenacity and gumption.

 The fourth inning saw three consecutive singles by Chip, Stitch and Scratch to load bases, where Badger followed his successful first season with a start to another great one by perfectly placing a single down the left field line to tally two runs.  A fielder’s choice one out later by Tinman scored Scratch and soon after the hit parade began again for the Eclipse.  Moose hit another of his towering lofts into the trees in right field, followed by a single by the new Kid on the block to plate Moose.   Mac, fresh off an off-season of traveling the world in search of a lonely beverage to call his own,  surprisingly doubled down the line to left, eventually scoring on a Jaundice single.  A close game would see itself as an 8-0 match at the end of the inning.

The Eclipse would tally 4 more runs in the seventh inning, with Kid, Mac, Jaundice and Trouble all scoring to provide more relief to the Eclipse hurler, when none could be found from the sweltering sun, even in the shade.  After it was concluded, the club from Northville was able to see seven strikers tally at least three hits apiece.

Rest for the weary

Up next for the Eclipse is a journey north to meet some new and old friends in the first annual Frankenmuth Festival.