Just Kidding

After walking through town meeting and greeting the many cranks that would attend and support them on the grassy field, the clubs from Royal Oak and Northville met once again at Ford Field on the day we celebrate this great country’s independence.

Father knows best

The Eclipse continued the young 2018 season much like they started it a few weeks back with aggressive striking and competent fielding.  A somewhat overbearing heat stretched across the green diamond and quickly tested the stamina of the ballists on both sides. 

Down by the River

Antietam.  Bull Run.  Fort Sumter. Another notable historical battle was added to the list during Civil War Days at Fort Wayne.  Nestled along the Detroit River, the Early Risers hosted the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Northville on a humid June afternoon.  Recent

150th Anniversary

The 2017 season began for the Eclipse nine commemorating the one hundredth and fiftieth anniversary of the first meeting against the Red Rovers from Plymouth. Under a beautiful blue sky, the Eclipse tallied four in the opening inning led by a TinMan

4th of July 2013

The Northville Eclipse Base Ball Club Plays America’s Favorite Game on 4th of July Northville, Michigan — The Northville Eclipse Base Ball Club, a Metro Detroit vintage base ball team, will play during the 4th of July holiday at Noon against the